Operate RFSPACE SDRs anywhere in the world

on your Android tablet, Windows, Linux or Mac OS


The Android application is currently in beta and will expire on June 1, 2020. A new version will be available free before that date. It is a .APK file for Android 4.0 and newer devices it can be downloaded here:


SDRanywhere Instructions

RFSPACE maintains a Web Server list showing the radios that are publicly available. Any user with the Android or PC clients is welcome to connect.

SDR-IQ Server application
In order to access the SDR-IQ over the internet, you must run the server application on a Windows machine. The server application is available here:

Windows server quick start guide

SDR-IQ Windows server and client applications

SDR-IQ MacOS client applications

NetSDR and SDR-IP Server application
In order to access the NetSDR over the internet, you must run the Windows or MacOS server application on a machine. The server and client applications are available here:

NetSDR Windows Server application

NetSDR MacOS Server application

NetSDR MacOS client applications

The SDRanywhere application is an Android app that allows remote operation of an RFSPACE SDR-IQ, NetSDR, SDR-IP or Cloud-IQ radio from anywhere in the world. The demodulated audio and waterfall information is compressed and sent to the client application using a low bandwidth internet connection. The Cloud-IQ has a built in server and it connects directly into an ethernet jack or WIFI client. It can serve as a remote sensor node or remote RX point. The other RFSPACE radios require a computer running the server app.  

SDRAnywhere connected to a remote CloudSDR. Display is 10 MHz wide and WFM demod at 99.7 MHz.  Audio at 24 kb/s and waterfall 10 Hz update rate.

SDRAnywhere showing the 20 meter amateur radio band and AM broadcast band at a remote site.

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